Santa Barbara Urgent Care

We offer three ways to be seen by a doctor immediately:

Zugan Health is patient-centric urgent care.

Dr. Shauna Lynch

Medical Director

Dr. Lynch ensures that Zugan Health provides the highest level of care to its patients. A graduate of the Western University of Osteopathic Medicine in California, Dr. Lynch enjoys the challenge that accompanies treating a variety of illnesses and injuries each day. After spending years in primary care and urgent care, Dr. Lynch is focused on leading Zugan’s medical development to incorporate preventative health and immediate access to care. When she’s not working, Dr. Lynch enjoys spending time outdoors and watching sci-fi thrillers.

Maggie Lacy

CEO + Co-founder

Maggie’s passion for leading an active life led to her idea of Zugan Health. She recognized a need for convenient urgent care, so people can spend less time worrying about healthcare and more time enjoying their lives. Maggie’s vision for Zugan is supported by her experiences as a registered nurse, sales director and Vice President at Cord Blood Registry. Apart from leading Zugan’s corporate strategy and business development, Maggie enjoys yoga and spending time with her dogs, Abby and Lucky.